Buffalo Soldiers

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Buffalo Soldiers

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Buffalo Soldiers


The American history consists of several incidents which have a caused a pivotal influence on the dynamics of the socio cultural forces, which have amalgamated and formed the contemporary society. The American society is considered as one of the most free and socially diverse entities, in the modern world; where people from different socio ethnic backgrounds live a fair and equitable life. The development of this society and social norms has been possible due to the instances which took place in the deep and enriched history of this nation. The story of the Buffalo soldiers is one of the events which have had a significant impact on the social makeup of the American society.

The American Army has always had a significant impact on the social factors present in the country; die to their involvement in the pivotal events such as the great civil war and the battle against the Native Americans. It was due to the impact of the civil war, that slavery was finally abolished in the country, which paved the way for a diverse and closely knit society. The Army was also one of the pioneering entitles which took the first steps towards incorporating colored individuals, through a non segregated and unbiased policy. The section 3 of the Act to increase the military peace establishments of the United States in July 1886, 2 cavalries were planned to be introduced which would include colored soldiers1. This act shows the role of the army to provide a non segregated and unbiased cavalry to the nation, which would help establish a principle of equality and non segregation. The Buffalo soldiers were a part of this initiative taken by the army, which proved to be one of the most effective and honorable cavalries within the army, at the given time.


The Congress had provided the constitutional support for the 10th Cavalry in the legal framework; however the practical implementation was supported by Lieutenant-General Sherman. Commanding the Division of the Mississippi, he passed an order which stated that the commanders of the colored regiments would proceed to enlist the men for two colored regiments1. It was due to this initiative taken by the American Army at the given time that during the period of 1867 to 1890 over 2000 African Americans got the opportunity to fight alongside the white soldiers, and represent their country on an unbiased platform. ...
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