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Business and Management: The Case of McDonald

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Business and Management: The Case of McDonald


McDonald is a large multinational organization with carrying U.S. capital across the world. It not only promotes American way of life but also its products. McDonald is a prime example of everything with capitalism as its current phase. At present, McDonald is operating its business activities in 119 countries with 30,000 outlets serving 50 million people around the globe. The process of globalization and opening its outlet in different parts of the world was not an easy task for the company. The adoption of cultural values helped McDonald in achieving its set targets and goals. By implementing different policies and strategies applicable to a specific region, the organization was successful in attaining its present position (Yarden, 1978, 535-552).


The main strategic priorities of the company are to provide excellent service to its customers by emphasizing on the quality and to look after the customers` preferences and priorities at the top most level. Thus, in this project study will be conducted to provide the financial and business performance analysis of McDonalds.

The Business and Financial Performance

The success of McDonalds has been outstanding in every part of the world. The success which they have achieved is considered marvellous because it has achieved highest level of revenues in the United State since the last 10 years. They have grown quite rapidly by an average of six stores per day in the various markets. McDonalds offers a standard menu, although in each culture, it develops special products to meet the taste needs of every community. For instance, in some of their franchises in Germany they offer beer, wine in France which clearly reflects their different strategies (Zeleny, 1974, pp 12-34).

The food is even prepared in accordance with local laws, for example, menus of the Arab Islamic laws are given lot of importance. The food which is prepared is Halal that satisfies the basic needs of the people living in Muslim countries. The food is even prepared by keeping in mind the Jewish culture in different countries. It is made sure that the food satisfies the Kosher condition. McDonald's monitors the quality of product and service with the help of ongoing customer surveys and devotes lots of effort to improve methods of production of hamburger in order to simplify operations. It makes it simple for them to decrease costs, increase the speed of service and deliver greater value to customers. Extremely rigid systems in operations are employed by the Company. There are specific rules for everything in order to maintain a proper setup for the operations.

Customers and Their Buying Behavior

McDonald's is directed to a large population, the entire McDonald's audience which is around 80% is families and McDonald's is directed to a population between 7 and 65. According to the statistical trend much of this population tends to make life outside their homes, which become potential customers. However, McDonald's has focused its niche in the young people this is because ...
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