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Employment Contracts3

Effect of European Law of Business Conducts United Kingdom4

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Business Law


This paper is making an attempt on order to explain the employment contracts. Later on there will be efforts made in order to demonstrate the ways in which European law affects the conduct of business in the United Kingdom. Later on this paper will identify and explain some of the sources of law which are showing their impact on the businesses and policies relating to customers, companies, employment, in fact all the measure stake holders.

Employment Contracts

Following are some of the key elements of contract of employment

Contract of employment is basically agreement between an employer and employee. This particular agreement is the basis of an employment relationship.

Contract starts right after the acceptance of the employment offer employment. Starting to work proves that terms and conditions offered are accepted.

Most of the employees entitled legally with a Written Statement of all the main terms and conditions related to the employment within two calendar months of starting work. This must be inclusive of details of things like pay, holidays and working hours.

There might be verification made with an agreement of both the parties (Chitty, 2012).

This might be assumed that contract of employment basically consist of things which are set out in written form between employer and employee. It is also true that there are various main issues which are like; pays and holidays which are usually agreed in written form (Chitty, 2012). On the other hand contracts are also made by keeping terms and conditions which are not spelt out. This is usually in situations where there are following elements;

When the particular statement is too obvious to be mentioned

Necessaries for making the contract work (like a person hired as a driver must have a valid license)

There are also some terms in a contract which are able to become more and more established with the span of time

A written contract is a very good practice as it reduces chances of conflicts in future. Statements which are presumed to be obvious are also not as obvious for any of the two parties and result some really big issues in the end (Marinescu, 2010; Chitty, 2012).

Effect of European Law of Business Conducts United Kingdom

Laws of United Kingdom have been the pride of the nation for centuries. Around three decades ago UK became part of European Union (EU), this was a reluctant acknowledgement in the European Communities Act 1972, and there is a huge amount argument available to state that to be an end of the glory for parliamentary sovereignty. Although parliament still claim to be sovereign, but the fact is that the national laws are contradicting with the Community laws in a tremendous amount and latter has to be prevailed. Formerly, in the era where this was not the practice UK courts were assumed to be, “supreme law giver in the country and its decisions cannot be challenged in any ...
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