Car Advertisement Analysis

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Car Advertisement Analysis

The first ad is of Chrysler. Over the past decade, rap legend Eminem has been approached over 100 times to license his classic "Lose Yourself." Up until now, he has refused all bidders, turning down millions of dollars along the way, according to Joel Martin, who controls the Eminem music catalog and has one-third of the writing credit on the song.

But that was until Chrysler chief marketing officer Olivier Francois started selling Martin on how much he wanted the music, and how he had an idea to show off Detroit to the Super Bowl audience, the largest TV audience of the year. To seal the deal, Francois drove a new Chrysler 200 to Martin's office in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale a few days into the New Year. The car was fresh off of the assembly line in neaby Sterling Heights, and hadn't even gone on sale. Francois had Martin and Eminem (whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III) drive the car, as well as a new Chrysler 300, to try and get the music legend to play ball.

The second ad is for a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The silver Jeep Grand Cherokee, a sports utility vehicle, is parked on a street in front of what appears to be a four story upscale apartment building. The time of day is either dawn or evening. The apartment building is landscaped with lush green trees, light posts, and a short black iron fence. There is a waterfall pouring off of the building in front of the Jeep. The slogan on the ad is The best Jeep in the world.

The target audience for this ad is business professionals with a passion for the outdoors. The ad displays the sophistication of the car to appeal to business professionals living in the city, while at the same time the waterfall, shows that the Jeep can also be used to travel outdoors. I think this advertisement would have been more appealing to it's audience if instead of having the two lifestyles blend together, it have a page split in two with the same car and person in each picture, but different activities.

The thrid ad is for a Jeep Wrangler. There is a muddy red Jeep Wrangler parked on desert terrain with a man carrying a backpack and loading an immense amount of camping gear into the back of the car. There are small rocks, large rocks and dead shrubs covering the ground. The slogan on the ad is Carry more stuff.

The target audience for this ad is people that spend the majority of their time doing outdoor activities or working outside. Such activities could include biking, hiking, kayaking and camping. Such professions could include geologists or archeologists. The ad is trying to tell its target audience that no matter what your passion is, you can carry it out with this Jeep. By the Jeep being covered in mud, it depicts that the Jeep Wrangler is a tough vehicle and can be driven on nearly ...