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Management information system- Case Analysis

Table of Contents

Management Information System- Case Analysis2


Mercedes-Benz India2

Company Overview2

Background of the Case3

The Issue3

The Implementation4

Evaluating the Management Information System Investment6


KEDA SAP Implementation8

Company Overview8

The Issues8


Implementation of SAP10


Requirements for Successful Implementation of SAP13

Managing Change14



Management Information System- Case Analysis


The paper discusses the case studies of Mercedes Benz India and Keda. Both the cases highlight the implementation of the management information system to facilitate the management process of the companies. The paper identifies the issues that the implementation involved and how the companies coped with them.

Mercedes-Benz India

Company Overview

The Mercedes launches new models to recover first India sales rise. The German company plans to introduce cheaper models in 2013 to entice customers who buy a luxury car for the first time. Mercedes Benz of Daimler AG luxury car launch is smaller in India to attract middle-class consumers and shorten the distance that separates it from Bayersiche Motoren Werke AG, a leader in a large economy that is second in growth rate in Asia. Mercedes, who lost the top spot in sales at BMW premium in India in 2009, plans to present cheaper models in 2013 to entice customers who buy a luxury car for the first time, said in a Debashis Mitra interview, sales of the division in India (Miller, 2001). The effort follows the launch by BMW X1 compact SUV mounted locally on these currently the best selling model of the Munich automaker in the country. Mercedes and BMW, which together control 70% of the luxury vehicle segment in India, competing for a market that, according to forecasts, will triple to 47,000 vehicles in 2015, according to IHS Automotive. Mercedes, with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, delivered 6753 cars in India in the year ended March 31. 7079 BMW delivered in that period and aims to sell more than 10,000 this year. A greater presence may help Mercedes to stop the loss of market share. Controlled about 60% of India's luxury market before the arrival of BMW in 2007, according to research firm this industry research IHS Automotive. That percentage dropped to 34% in 2010, while, BMW owns 36%. The Volkswagen Audi AG is third with 17%, data show IHS. To maintain its leadership, this year BMW X3 SUV launched in India as the largest product mounted locally and expands the capacity of its Chennai plant next year, said Andreas Schaaf, responsible for BMW in India, adding that the country will be among the top ten markets for BMW 2020 (The University of Western Ontario, 2011.)

Background of the Case

The top management of MBI has decided to relocate its manufacturing operations in Pune to a new facility at Chakan which is an industrial are developed by the provincial government of Maharashtra. The chief information officer Rajeev Jorapur has to verse the installation of the IT infrastructure system at the regenerated plant (The university of Western Ontario, 2011).

The Issue

The macro environment in USA was no longer bullish and gradually the flow of credit which is the lifeline of the automotive industry was ...
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