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Case Study

Case Study


With the advances in various fields of study and the developments in various forms and methods of studies, a number of treatments and forms of overcoming issues have been developed, in order to ensure that the patients are provided with utmost care and best methods of treatment. It is eminent to mention here that in addition to various ailments and diseases, certain special medical conditions, like pregnancy, have to be dealt with carefully and gently, in order to ensure that the expected mother as well as the child remains safe. In fact, some of the practitioners believe that they have to be additionally careful in dealing with pregnancies as in that case, they are dealing with two lives (mother and the unborn child) and every measure has to be taken in order to ensure that they remain safe and secure.

It should be taken into account that pregnancy is one of the most sensitive and critical condition of woman's life and any mishandling of the situation or the lack of care might result in serious situation. Thus, every measure has to be taken in order to ensure that utmost care and attention us provided to pregnant woman and in case of any issue, immediate steps have to be taken, as the life of child as well as the mother is continuously at stake. The following paragraphs would highlight the condition in which a 34 weeks pregnant woman is admitted to the hospital through ambulance, and is then diagnosed for placental abruption. The role of the various agents involved in the case would be highlighted, combined with the precautionary measures and the safety procedures that have to be adopted in order to ensure health and safety of the mother as well as the child.

Placental Abruption

In order to get a better understanding of the issue and to get hold of the issue properly, it is eminent to get information about placental abruption and its implications. Placental abruption could be described as a medical condition in which the placenta (the organ in mother's body that is responsible for providing food and nourishment to the child and thus is essential for proper and normal development of the baby) is separated from the uterus (Benson and Bluth, 2007, Pp: 173). It should be taken into account that the procedure takes place before the baby is delivered, and thus it is considered as one of the most serious medical condition during pregnancy in which the child is devoid of the food and nourishment and thus there are serious health threats for both, the mother and the child. There could be several causes of the issue, including any injury in the belly area or the sudden loss in the uterine volume of the mother. In addition, the issue would be caused by the blood clotting disorders of the mother, or excessive smoking and cocaine use, which is strictly prohibited during pregnancy. Diabetes, heavy use of alcohol, high blood pressure, age of the mother, and a ...
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