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ANS 1: Possible difficulties and Risk

In the system of Banks and insurance companies, there is always a risk to lost data and theft from data base. The data can be missed or utilized by any expert cyber programmer. Many users that are using Credit Card systems that take support from the internet in order to transfer credit data, is highly on risk. In different parts of the system the security holes can exist such as network, interface, database, and data transfer. In the whole process, when the users place order and obtain information, data flows through the internet during which hackers have capability to steal data and intercept the information, if the information and process is not fully encrypted. The hackers can get the subscriber codes, passwords, and logins during the transferring of data with the help of internet.

In case, if the information is improperly configured the illegal persons such as unauthorized customers and employees can steal the system and get access to private information. Sharing any private information such as password or private email can cause any competitor to allow access to potential data access. Once the factors of the system is compromised, illegal persons can take advantage to misuse information of any broker. A single security breach in the database can take all the system down.

ANS 2: ING Solution and Risk analysis

ING Life adopted pretty adequate solution for the security concern. Microsoft SNA server is a complete solution of integrated services, which allows reach to mainframe data and application resources from a workstation of Client. It is used as a source to allow the connectivity to mainframe and links remote desktop IP with an IBM mainframe to help business application, which requires online services such as Web access, and online transaction. It has two step ...