Case Study: South Houston Intermediate

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Case Study: South Houston Intermediate

Case Study: South Houston Intermediate


This assignment is based on writing a case study under Education for designing policies, independent business research, cooperative relationships, current news and issues, and other pertinent information about the Southern Houston Intermediate. The development of this case study is based on a brief research on the demographics of the region of that school. This includes with consideration for business direction, goals, and mission of its academic to pursue the development of the good self-concept to foster safe and healthy educational environment. This is necessary step to create emotional, social, mental, physi9cal, and academic balance for students, community, patents, and teachers. Few legal considerations or ethical standards will also apply with maintain an environment free from influence of discrimination, gang violence, and stronger drugs. The greater purpose for the formulation of this study is for the principal to analyze data for the school-based improvement with different training methods and social involvement.

Case Sudy: South Houston Intermediate


Southern Houston School is part of the Houston Independent School District (HISCD) as part of the largest public school system in the city of Teas which is known to 7th largest school in the United States. This case study is based on the demographics, students' data, strategies, issues, and challenges for the Southern School Intermediate (Faygersh, n.d.). This intermediate school serves as a community school district from many of the residential areas and nearby insular municipalities of the school with other unincorpated areas.

History & Profile: Goals, Mission, Strategies

The establishment of the Houston ISD in the year 1920s after voting of Texas Legislation was meant for the separation of municipal governments and schools and it replaced the name of the school as Harrisburg School District (Faygersh, n.d.).

The students enrollment data schools that number of these students raised from the five thousand and five hundred (5,500) in the year 1888 to two million and three thousand (203,000) students that are covering the area of 301 square miles with in the greater city of Houston (Faygersh, n.d.). The made of establishment of this school with elementary and high & alternative/charter schools work to offer leadership and surveillance to principles, support teachers, align resources, and make sure that the school district is offering quality and equitable education opportunities to students with the liaison of parents (Branham, 2004).

Demographics: Students by Ethnicity

The demographics of students according to ethnicity shows that there are largest proportion i.e. 80% of the Hispanic students. These numbers of students made up to the enrollment of around 805 students with other ethnicities include 10% Black and 10% other minorities that include American Indian, Asian, Native Hawaiian (other islanders), White, and African American (Bessent et al., 1982).

This organization has been designed to focus on the learning and teaching environment in order to align programs and developmental activities for school in order to sustain improvement for the elimination of duplicated services. This will provide greater chances for the greater oversight of compliance and data with state and federal laws ...