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Case-Study Analysis Essays

Case-Study Analysis Essays

There are two different primary resources for the case study analysis with application of appropriate research methodologies.

Material Culture Case Study: John Henry Fuseli's painting, The Nightmare (1781)

German History in Document and Images: Weimar Germany, 1918/19-1933,Arnold Zweig on Art and Politics (1921)

Material Culture Case Study: John Henry Fuseli's painting,

The Nightmare (1781)


Fuseli was born in Switzerland, his father was a painter and Fuseli received interest in Art from his father. In the beginning, he was sent t the church for his basic education. He was also interested in classical writings and his knowledge deep understanding of classical literature provide him wide scope for thinking and embedding different cultural, traditional and mythical concepts in the form of Art. Fuseli later moved to the Italy where he worked more on his paintings. He also studied Italian paintings and techniques, which influenced his work. With his continuous efforts, Fuseli exhibited his paintings and this provides him fame. He was soon appointed as associate of the Royal Academy. With the advancement in his work he expressed literary influences in his work through paintings. He presented his paintings which were based on his influence by John Milton. All these concepts were very clear in his paintings.

Most of Fuseli's work contains elements of supernatural and literary inspirations. He also presented his works based on Shakespeare's Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream. This provides him an opportunity to present the literary aspects in paintings. One important element of his works is that, he always used bright colours and impact of light and dark are always adjusted according to the requirement of the concept. His paintings also contain gothic elements. IN other words, Fuseli was more inclined towards using the gothic and supernatural elements for example in his painting on Hamlet he used the concept when there is ghost appearance. A Mid Summer Night's Dream also painted to reflect its supernatural elements. Another important aspect of Fuseli's painting contains an element of sexuality. All these elements were very clear in his painting, the Nightmare. It is an excellent presentation of all the elements of his paintings. This painting contains the elements of gothic and supernatural aspects, which reflects the cultural myths.

Material culture case study

Material culture case study consists of different research techniques and methodologies involved in Humanities It deals with different methods like hermeneutics or semiotic study to interpret meanings revealed from the signs. This analysis depends on the social, cultural and historical basis. These methodologies provided by various humanities scholars are very helpful in interpreting literary texts, material culture and historical sources. Material culture analysis of the case study deals with the material life of human beings, artefacts, behaviour, and Communication .This involves the study of certain elements, reflected by the object or the document. The study of material culture is very different from other kinds of analysis. Archaeologists deal with the study of history and different other perspectives associated with it. This is mainly associated with their social, historical and cultural ...
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