Catholic Church Influence On The Mexican Revolutionary War

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Catholic Church influence on the Mexican Revolutionary War

Catholic Church influence on the Mexican Revolutionary War


One of the major armed struggles that were initiated in the year 1910 is famous in the history with the name of the Mexican Revolution. The Revolution was led by Francisco against the enemy who was a dictator. The war lasted for about ten years and was ended until around 1920. The passage of time changed the nature of revolution from the revolt to the civil war. The Mexican Revolution has been considered as the most influential socio-political event in the history of Mexico having a place of the 20th century one of the greatest disturbances. (Knight, 1980). The genre of the Roman Catholic Church is also preened with the name of Catholic Church in Mexico. This church remains under the Pope leadership. Catholicism remains an influential and dominant religion in the country for a longer period of time, and this is the reason that at the time of Mexican Revolution, the Catholic Church had a great influence on the occurrences. This essay has an objective to explore the influential impact Catholic Church had on the Mexican Revolutionary war.


The relation between the Catholic Church and the Government of Mexico showed stability for the period 1876 to 1911. The Mexican president Porfirtio Diaz remained worried about the colonialist threat the country was facing from the American authorities. The ties between the Mexican government and the Catholic Church were strengthened in the year 1905. The influence of the Catholic Church remains exceeded during the leadership of Diaz as he brought about a number of changes in that time period. He introduced the institutional reforms in the form of reorganization of the administration, improvement in the congregation training, expanding the way the Roman Catholic education was provided and the ...
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