Catholic Education

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Catholic Education

Catholic Education

Curriculum is a collection of all the experiences and activities within a school community that promote and encourage the development and learning of students as w person, particularly in a social context.

Religious Education is supposed to be a crucial learning area within the curriculum of Catholic schools. This is one field of learning which has experienced surprising changessince the 1970s (Brady, 2006).Today, different understandings exist in terms of the purpose and nature of classroom Religious Education in Catholic schools and Dioceses in major reasons of Australia.

As a Director of Religious Education in the district of Sacramento, California, it is my strong belief that religious development plays a pivotal role in the development of morals and ethics in children. I am a supporter and promoter of the teaching of Catholic education in schools and educational centers in the region.

Catholic schools, similar to their Jewish and Christian counterparts, promise to provide children with a better standard of education. They do this mainly by providing a better environment to the children that is congenial and conducive of learning.

A major example of better environment in Catholic schools is the fact that there is a strict code on wearing uniforms rather than casual clothes. This is essential in the upbringing of young children as it essentially avoidsdiscrimination or prejudice among children as well as teachers (Harris& Moran, 1998). This effectively reduces the likelihood of problems arising as a result of differences in race, financial background etc.

In addition to this, uniforms also help to encourage in children a strong sense of human equality as children from all classes of community or backgrounds unite as one group to share their experiences with each other and make friends; it also promotes that everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord(Marsh& Willis, 1995).

As the Director of Religious Education in the Diocese of Sacramento California, I strongly believe that the teaching of the Catholic code simply cannot be undermined or sidelined. When set against other major subjects of education in the schools, religious lessons play a far bigger role in teaching children to distinguish what is right and what is wrong.

By helping to establish a clear and strong understanding of right and wrong and teaching them to distinguish between the two, Catholic schools encourage childrento be good men rather than just educated ones. The Catholic framework for curriculum comprises three essential assertions:

Living and learning are integrated into the ...
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