Challenges In Developing Software For Wireless Devices

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Challenges in developing Software for Wireless Devices

Challenges in developing Software for Wireless Devices


Today's rapidly changing technologies are capable enough to open new doors of opportunities for companies but also bring many benefits for people sitting in their homes. It can be seen that appearance of electronic commerce challenged the traditional style of doing business and introduced a new marketplace of Web to conduct business. No doubt, Internet proved to be a concrete infrastructure for purchasing and selling of all kinds of goods under the umbrella of electronic commerce. Similarly, the concept of Mobile Commerce or m-commerce is not different in nature from its mother technology of electronic commerce as it also allows trade of goods through financial transactions on the internet but using mobile devices rather doing it on personal computers.


Major Challenges

The main issue regarding the development of software for wireless devices will be discussed in this paper. There have been a long debate over the mobile commerce, but it still lacks the appropriate strategy for the development and implementation of mobile commerce. Therefore, the companies are required to carefully formulate suitable strategies for successful implementation of mobile commerce. Security is another debatable issue for the development of software for wireless devices. Mobile devices are very usually more vulnerable to security attacks due to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology (Chapter 9, Turban et al., 2007).

The software for mobile devices should be so developed that they have human-friendly user interface. Otherwise, it will raise the complexity level for the users. Sometimes, the users of technology are not so much aware of the use of these new technological inventions. So the user-friendly aspect must also be given key consideration while developing the software for mobile devices (Chapter 9, Turban et al., 2007).

The new mobile devices usually require higher amount of bandwidth for extensive computing. ...