Child Care Act Of 1991

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Child Care Act of 1991

Child Care Act of 1991

Child Care Act 1991

It is said to be the premise behind the significant developments that has taken place when it comes to the services of child care ever since the children's act of 1908. The act is said to focus on the child itself along with the promotion of the welfare of the child. It is also said to pace a duty specific by nature on the Health Service Executive in order to have the identification of the children who are not said to be receiving apt protection as well as care. It entails the promotion of welfare in order to facilitate child care as well as support services of the family. The act is said to have an underpinning of the basic tenet stating that the Childs welfare is said to be a tremendous importance (Queensland, 1991).

Currently the act is said to entail a number of provisions when it comes to the care, welfare as well as the protection of infants and children who are said to be under the age of eighteen. The second part of the act is said to emphasize more on the function of the concerned authority when it comes to the promotion of the children's welfare which entails children who are not receiving apt care will be taken under their care and will be providing them protection and then taking them under their care. The concerned authorities will also ensure the fact that there is an accommodation of homeless children and then furnishing them with adoption services. The third part of the act will ensure that there is protection of the children at all times and authorities that are authorized will ensure the fact that they enter the localities in which such children live without any warrants and they also have the right to remove the children from such localities without anybody's permission. The fourth part of the act highlights that the health boards have the authority of issuing care orders when it comes to witnessing that the child is not receiving apt care. The fifth part is said to be concerned with rules and regulations for the court procedures and the jurisdiction when it comes to providing the health care and welfare of the children. The sixth part is said to be concerned with the maintenance and the accommodation of the children who are under ...
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