Chinese Students' Attitudes And Perspective To America Media

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Chinese students' attitudes and perspective to America media



This study examines Chinese students' attitudes and perspective to America media and how these might influence them to adopt an attitude towards the United States. With this regard two perspectives are measured. The first perspective that this study explore is the frequency with which Chinese students are exposed with American media (films, TV, newspaper, magazine, video games and application games. Another perspective that is measured is whether American media is more violent and display sexual content or Chinese media. For the completion of these two goals data is collected via survey at a large public university in the US. Results are presented about the developed objectives through frequency distribution analysis. In the end, the study presents a conclusion of overall findings and it also mentions future implications.

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Statement of Purpose2

Statement of Relevance3


Research Design4

Research Technique4

The Design of Questionnaire4


Data Analysis5

Literature Review6


The wider degree of restriction8

Chinese Students10

Chinese Students increase contact to American mass media10

Study Abroad Becomes Popular in China12




Future Implications27



The term media can be described as the channels and mediums that are used to convey a certain message to the target audience. Channels and mediums that come under the umbrella of medi include periodicals, radio, television and video programs, documentary programs, and other forms of media distribution. The mass media consist of several different types of communications media: television, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines, and internet-based Web sites. They play the role of disseminating information in our lives; however, in essence, they are the builder and promoter of popular culture in communication. They are responsible for the popularity of contemporary popular culture, which has a fresh vitality and has continued to deepen the impact on our lives. The United States has the world's most advanced media systems. American media conglomerates tend to be leading global players, generating large revenues as well as large opposition in many parts of the world. Based on book "American film abroad: Hollywood's domination of the world's movie screens"(Segrave, 1997) it can be said that in the present international community, American mass media continuously strengthen its influence under the supremacy of United States. It even leads the development of international mass media. However, in current years, the American Mass media exposes two trends with rapid development. Firstly, the globalization of American Mass media becomes irresistible trend in the current years. Simultaneously, the degree of restrictions of media content become wider than before, which means the facts of erotic and violence and other prohibited elements appear more commonly in media than before (Louie, 2004).

China, being one of the biggest American cultural export countries; it is affected by American Mass media widely and deeply. Especially the group of Chinese youth, they are such a big market for American Mass media. The Chinese youth are worshiping American culture. They like to watch Hollywood movies, listen to western pop music, emulate American guys learn street dancing, and American TV shows are also very popular with them. The influence of American mass media is ...
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