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Church Growth

Church Growth


The zealous world comprises of a number of churches. Out of these churches, one of the modest one is Pentecostal Church. The Proposal focuses on the study that has an objective of the assessment of the church growth development mission for the entire congregation. This paper will focuses on the reflections over the proposal. The impact of the Pentecostalism will also be an important consideration of paper.


Pentecostalism is one of the forms of Christianity that is spreading on earth with the fastest pace. The production of emotional impact and emotional response mark the services of the church (Poloma: 1989: pp.188-189). At the time of its beginning, this form created a lot of destruction in the form of financial ruin, broke hopes, and changes the view of man and God. Appealing Christians made diligent attempts in converting the people towards their religion, but their attitude were so extreme, that the purpose for which they began their preaching activity, it got influenced. Rather than enlightening the church they cause division. Also, their focus was on the feelings and personal experiences rather than their basic objective that is the spread of Bible's message. The resultant was that they become self-cantered. Thus, people use to hold a different view regarding the Pentecostal Christian and church. Some consider the growth and development of the church as a mean of dividing the Christianity religion. For others, it is a mean of spreading their knowledge in the way they want. The groups of Pentecostal are diverse in nature because they have an impulsive nature having an aim to declare in all nations the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Howard, 1997, pp.140).

The growth and development of the Pentecostal church can be a benefit for all the worshippers.

The respondents' reactions on the following aspects help ...
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