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Church Model Analysis

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God has created a miraculous world for us. He is the creator of this world and of us. He sent us on this earth so that we can enjoy, take pleasure and appreciate the beauty and art of his uniqueness. One of our main purposes to come to this world is to thank one who is the most benevolent, one who is our creator. The most common ways to thank God is to go to church and say prayers. The leader of the church possesses immense responsibilities to devise the design of the church in such a way that would not only provide a ray of direction of righteousness to people but would also a source for them to reach to the pinnacle of serenity. These four chapters that this assignment aims to discuss are also about the way in which the model of the church should be analyzed. These four chapters in the book “Simple Church: Returning to God's Process for Making Disciples” by Thom S. Rainer and Eric Geiger provides an itinerary to the leaders to cover the journey of difficult task of devising the model of the church.

General Four Step Process of Becoming a Simple Church (C.M.A.F)

The most important aspect that this book lays is the process of becoming a simple church. There are four different stages that are given in this book. The writer suggests that by adopting these four steps a leader of the church can be successful in building a simple church. The successful completion of one step leads to another step and following these four steps systematically would result in the creation of kingdom of God. These four steps are as follows:





The following part discusses what these four steps are all about. In the following part a discussion is undertaken to talk about each of the steps of building a simple church.


In this book there is a separate chapter for all the four stages. The chapter related to this first stage of clarity starts with the quote of Apostle Paul which goes as follows:

“If anyone's work that he has built survives, he will receive a reward”

The above quote of Apostle Paul presents the crux of this chapter. According to the dogma that is presented in this chapter building a church is all about partnering with God. Undertaking the project of building a church is akin to the formulation of spiritual house by extending a forum to people so that they can form a relationship with God. While talking about the factor of clarity the authors mention that the step of clarity is all about deciding the theme and philosophy with which the church is to be built. In this chapter the writers pay emphasis on the blueprint. Blueprints allow the leaders to clearly define the ministry process. This chapter further iterates steps through which the clarity can be obtained while devising the model of church. These steps are as follows:





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In this step, the ...
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