Cleveland Museum Of Art

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Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) was established in 1913, in Ohio. It is situated within the University Circle where it holds more than 43000 works of art that is being collected from around the world. The most popular galleries that CMA has are the medieval European, Indian, Pre-Columbian and Asian. The recent renovation has a positive feedback from the members and new visitors, from the new restaurants openings, beautiful architecture of the building, serene environment and the atrium.


The museum was architected by Rafael Vinoly and Marcel Breuer and located within the Wade Park District. The new renovation has a unique architectural creation with touch screen (artlens project for iphone and iPad) technology and a great view in the atrium. The modern cafeteria has grabbed the attention of most of the new visitors and the existing local community people to visit the museum frequently. It has a pleasant environment for children and teenagers to hang out and explore new works of art. The works of art have huge galleries that are filled with Cleveland's artists.


Ognissanti Madonna

Created By: Giotto di Bondone

Medium: Tempura

Country of Production: Florence, Italy

Time Period: 1310

Height: 325cm

Length: 204cm

Formal Elements

Line and its Functions

The composition of Ognissanti Madonna follows a compositional line with connected objects as di Bondone broke the relationship with the Ognissanti Madonna. This implies a Pyramid structure of the picture. He gathered some angels and saints around the throne, just like they really stood in real. Some of the faces can't be identified properly because it is being viewed from the front, so it meant to be made that way (Artble, 2013).

In the Byzantine tradition, it has been stated that the angels are being “Stacked” around the throne, which is forming a vertical line, with every head in a step to view the ...