Clinical Nurse Leader

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Clinical Nurse Leader

Clinical Nurse Leader


The Clinical Nurse Leader is an individual who is responsible for performing the roles of a leader in health care delivery system. The clinical nurse leader supervises at the point of care, even though he or she is not a manager or administrator, and presumes advanced clinical practice role of a generalist. The clinical nurse leader operates in Microsystems and presumes accountability for healthcare consequences of certain clients. The clinical nurse leader makes use of research-based information in order to design, execute and assess plans of care.

3-Generational Pedigree




My cultural background is Filipino, the first generation immigrant, language - tagalong, values - beliefs - disciplines; the family structure consists of extended family, which includes parents and grandparents, and senior most family member is the decision maker. Family's racial-ethnic background is Hispanic Filipino. The interest and honor of my family are more important than those of individual family member are.

The respect is given to the oldest members of the family and no one can question their authority. Harmonious behavior must be maintained and is given value in the family. The direct confrontation is avoided when communicating with the Americans. The authority is respected due to which an individual cannot disagree with the recommendation of the health care individual.

The languages spoken by my family are tagalong along with English. The cultural heritage creates have an influence on the language and communication. Filipino language and accent develops problem for me when I speak or communicate with my partners in my professional life. My parents are actively discouraging me to use the heritage language so that I can overcome this barrier. These responses from the family are favoring the rejection

Difference between the Scope of CNL practice and Other Practices of Healthcare System

The initiative of clinical nurse leader provides an exciting opportunity for registered nurses who want to progress in their careers and to stay focused to their nursing practice. At the national level, the CNL initiative is the only largest attempt that has been made with an aim to address both education level among nurses and quality care of patient. An individual who is graduated in the CNL can provide direct nursing care to clients and patients in different settings of health care (Shaw, 2007). The proficiency of clinical nurse leader hinges on a greatly combined scope of practice that include the evaluation of patient care, allowing the team performance, and making use of research based practice, to improve organizational systems, outcomes of health and patient safety.

The graduates of CNL bring significant clinical leadership level in order to coordinate and manage the nursing care practices. At present, many graduates of CNL are employed in clinics as care facilitators for patients, resource nurse and as case mangers.

The clinical nurse leader is a new role of nursing, which is being developed by AACN (American Association of Colleges of Nursing). The role of CNL has emerged by considering the discussion and research with stakeholders ...