Coastal Erosion And Restoration

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Coastal Erosion and Restoration

The bluffs and bleaches along the coast of America and the Pacific Ocean are eroding quickly due to a number of factors, including storms, floods, strong waves, rising sea level, and industrial activities of humans. The wear and tear raises a significant issue: how to restore the coasts to the point where they can withstand these effects of the mentioned factors. In my research paper, I will present evidence of the erosion that is happening along the U.S. coast and the restoration efforts are being taken to combat this problem.

Prasetya, G. “Thematic paper: The role of coastal forests and trees in protecting against coastal erosion.” Braatz, S., et al. Coastal protection in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Tsunami: What role for forests and trees? Proceedings of the Regional Technical Workshop, 2007. Web. 21 March 2013. This paper elaborates on the different types of coastal erosion and enlists the possible options for prevention (Prasetya, p.n.d.). It also includes the social and environmental effects of coastal erosion. The information presented in this paper is really useful in understanding the problem of coastal erosion. It is one of the two papers in Chapter 4 of the report, both of which focus on seeking protection from coastal erosion. This work serves as the main evidence of my research paper, as it provides essential information on the subject.

Stewart, R. R. Coastal Erosion. Oceanography in the 21st Century. 2005. Web. 21 March 2013. This chapter helps in understanding the Missisippi-Delta coastal erosion and shows that there are two types of erosions, episodic and sporadic. It further enlists some of the erosions and also highlights the aggravation caused by man-made structures (Stewart, p.n.d.). This source comes from an online textbook. It is helpful in understanding the erosions in the United States and the information ...
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