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Executive Summary: The Coca Cola Company

Executive Summary: The Coca Cola Company


Coca Cola Company is one of the world's largest nonalcoholic beverages manufacturing company. The company produces the concentrates of the beverages and provides them to the bottlers, which are responsible for the packaging and delivery to the retailers. Hence, the Coca Cola Company itself is responsible for producing the concentrates and marketing the brands. The company is engaged in effective strategic planning and decision making process, that provides the company with the benefits of differentiation and market leadership.

This paper briefly describes the structure of Coca Cola Company, he factors due to which the company becomes able to enjoy the advantage over its competitors. We then analyze the annual report of the company in order to determine the present financial conditions of the company, along with the chances of future growth for the company. It is to be noted that we used annual report (2011) of Coca Cola Company for the collection of facts and figures, as it was the most recent available document.

The Company

Coca Cola is the world leading beverage business since last 118 years. The company owns more than 500 nonalcoholic brands, out of which most are sparkling, but few are still beverages as well (Annual Report, 2011). The company is mainly famous due to the fact that it owns four of the world's top 5 sparkling brands that include Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Diet Coke. The beverages of the company have been sold in the United State since 1886, and now more than 200 countries are included in the company's market.

Company practices their mission statement which focuses on inspiring moments of happiness, and creating value in the customers, which in turn helps the company to make a difference in the world, and provides the company with the different market position. The company defines 6P's which they should work on, in order to achieve growth, suitability and growth. These 6 factors include right working environment for the People, best beverages Portfolio to satisfy the needs and wants of the consumers, healthy Partners mix (major partners of the company include suppliers, bottlers and retailers), building a responsible company to serve the Planet, improving efficiency along with Productivity, boosting up Profitability by ensuring maximum returns on investments for the shareholders.

Competitive Advantage

Following are the main factors for which the Coca Cola Company gets the competitive advantage over other beverage companies such as PepsiCo.

Brand Name

The features such as brand name, symbol and shape of the bottle play a vital role in defining a different and strategic market position for the company. It is due to the shape of the bottle that people can easily identify the bottles of Coca Cola company's beverages such as Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite, even if there is no name on them. Thus, the shape provides the distinguishing feature to the company's bottles. Being considered as proprietary of the company, the bottle shape cannot be used by any other competitor ...
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