Communicating in Health and Social Care Organisations

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Communicating in Health and Social Care Organisations

Communicating in Health and Social Care Organisations


Excellent communication and interpersonal skills is considered as the backbone in the success of any health and social care organisation. It is very important for the health and social care organisation to focus on the use of communication skills and latest technologies get appropriate outcomes regarding heathcare.

1.1 Relevant Theories of Communication to Health and Social Care Contexts

It is extremely necessary to have appropriate communication in the health and social care settings for better outcomes. According to certain effective theories, it is the duty of health care provider to take help from different forms of communication approaches to derive out appropriate results and outcomes. Application of certain theories for effective communication is a healthy approach for better outcomes. Carl Roger, Skinner, Abraham Maslow, and Moustakas are certain well known theorists who made vital contribution to enhance communication and interpersonal skills in the healthcare settings. Humanistic, Cognitive, biological, behaviourist, and psychoanalytical theories of Abraham Maslow have a direct relevance to the implementation of appropriate communication and interpersonal models. The cognitive theory of Abraham Maslow clearly indicates that every individual in health and social care settings has its own perspective and thinking. The perspectives and views of an individual make a direct impact over the communication and interpersonal skills of the person (Glanz, Rimer & Viswanath, 2008, pp.nd).

The humanistic behaviour theory by Abraham Maslow is another beneficial theory that plays an important role in the improvement of communication skills. In regards to case study, it is very important for the relatives or patients to communicate properly with the physicians to derive out appropriate results. Moreover, patients and their relatives should know about the theories and philosophies of communication to implement them properly. Awareness of theories by the husband of Anna will result in the effective communication with the physicians. Similarly, physicians and health care staff should know properly about the humanistic theories and other relevant theories to fulfil their duties perfectly. Appropriate communication between physicians and the husband of Anna will result in the early diagnosis and delivery of ideal healthcare (White & Danis, 2013, pp. 2327-2328).

1.2 Communication Skills used in Social and Health Care Context

It is the strategy of certain healthcare organizations to update and modify their communication techniques to accomplish the goals and objectives. There are various innovative technologies that should be implemented in health and social care settings for effective outcomes. Training or complete guidance is extremely necessary for the fresh professionals to groom their skills. National Health Service has mentioned that every health care organization should train their staff for major areas. Use of certain educational approaches for improving communication skills will also help the professionals to communicate properly. Human resource department should analyze and evaluate communication skills during recruitment process. Moreover, healthcare professionals should know about verbal and non-verbal communications methods for better outcomes (Kamel Boulos & Wheeler, 2007, pp. 2-23).

According to the case study, lack of appropriate communication was the major factor between ...