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Communication And Media


Communication and Media- Advertising

Communication and Media- Advertising


The term media mainly refers to means of communication for example television, newspapers, magazines and radio etc, if a literal approach is taking towards its meaning. It also is used in the context of press or reporting agencies as a collective noun. It could also be said media refers to the different communication channels which are used to deliver news, entertainment, data, and promotional messages etc. It doesn’t not only include all the broadcasting methods, as all the narrowcasting methods are included in it. As it is evident that media refers to the delivering of messages from one party to another, so it can be said that it is a unique form of communication. The reason why there is a unique similarity I communication and media is because communication itself means expressing ones views and ideas to others.


In order to understand the importance of advertising in media and to understand its role in media and communication it is essential to understand the meaning of the term advertising. Advertising mainly refers to a positive representation of goods and services in order to create awareness and the need among the consumers and the general public. It is widely known that the main aim of advertising is to make a good or service sellable but it is often argued that this process mainly aims to create awareness about a good or service among the general public. Media of advertising refers to the means of communication through which the advertised message is delivered to the audience and non-electronic and electronic modes of communication both are included in it (Stafford, 2004, pp 44).


It is very certain to say that advertising plays an essentials role in the success of any business, as it not only means making the product sellable, but also is a main factor that helps in increasing the sales volumes. With its main aim of creating brand awareness in the market, it is argued to be one of the main factors that lead to brand loyalty.

There are various types of advertising methods which are used according to the market situation and the products stage in its product life cycle. Institutional advertising if one of the advertising techniques, is mainly refers to the development of goodwill for a company instead of making a product sellable, as its main objective is to create a better image and improve the reputation of the advertiser, whereas product advertising aims to make the product sellable and targets potential customers and end users. On the other hand pioneer advertising is another form of advertising which usually tries to create the primary demand for a good or service and is usually carried out in the initial stages of the product. Competitive advertising is one of the most common advertising methods used due to the excessive completion and availability of substitutes, as its main objective is to create selective demand and to portray the product better than the ...

Advertising Campaign


Advertising Campaign


Most consumer companies, small or large, are clear that advertising is an indispensable element in their marketing campaigns to strategies ranging from brand generation and recall of the same, to awareness of a new product or service. Traditionally, advertising has been issued through channels with little or no technological change, such as radio, television and print media like newspapers and magazines. In 1902, the British cigarette maker Philip Morris for selling their products in New York founded the company and called it by the name of the street in London, where his factory was located. Thus, became the famous brand Marlboro. The first advertising campaign portrayed the Marlboro cigarettes as exclusively female names. In 1926 company released a new series of promotional images for Marlboro, which demonstrated an elegant female hand holding a cigarette. However, since the 1940s the situation in the market of tobacco products began to change dramatically (Strokes, 2008).

In 1942 in the journal «Reader's Digest» has published an article entitled "Advertising of cigarettes: fact and fiction, from which it followed that, despite the different approaches to advertising of cigarettes of different brands, they are all essentially the same and most importantly - dead dangerous. In 1957 he published an article in which, based on scientific facts prove that smoking causes lung cancer.

It was then that the management of Philip Morris came to the conclusion that it is necessary to redirect Goods Company. It was decided to make in advertising emphasis on the fact that Marlboro has a special, more secure filter, which proved to be a major asset, as many smokers are unable to abandon the bad habit because nicotine addiction and they decided to move to minimally harmful cigarettes. Advertising campaign conducted for Philip Morris agency Leo Burnett, is now regarded as one of the most successful campaigns in the history of the advertising industry. It radically transformed the image of cigarettes Marlboro - from the feminine; "soft as May" they have become men - spent on it, not years but few months (Clow, 2007). Specialists Leo Burnett created a new "manly" brand, which soon brought its owner millions.

Result of a new advertising strategy was stunning: in 1955, Marlboro became the sales leader among filtered cigarettes in New York. In just eight months after you start advertising Marlboro sales grew by 50 times! Consumer response to their proposed advertising images «Marlboro Man» thoroughly studied for several years after the launch of a new advertising campaign. As a result, the image of the cowboy was recognized as the most successful of them all.

It so far it appears as a cowboy to consumers in the advertising of cigarettes Marlboro (Clow, 2007). That he was once told the consumer about the special filter Marlboro, the innovations in the packaging of cigarettes, offered to women to try cigarettes, "created for men who like women," and talked about that a long white ash at the end of a cigarette - a sign of high ...