Community Audit Report

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Community Audit Report

Community Audit Report

Community Safety

The term community safety is often used to refer crime prevention and reduction. Although community safety is not limited to crime prevention only however it is considered as a major aspect. It is a broader concept which is subjected to crime prevention and avoidance of other disorders through introducing social and physical changes which are in line with the local environment and authorities.

The criminal and anti-social behaviour of people, both collectively and individually can result into potential hazardous events which can affect the quality of life. Subsequently, community safety is aimed at protecting people from the hazards and threats and allowing them to pursue and acquire favourable benefits out of their economical and social lives without any fear or disorder. It is also focused on defining people, the local priorities pertaining to anticipated actions and activities in their community that can lead to favourable community matters. Likewise, it emphasizes to reduce crime and disorders within a community through protecting economic and social change that is subjected to prevent the causes of crime primarily and securing the chances of any disorder or violent happening to occur for a second time (Pease, 2011).

Community safety initiates programs and activities which are subjected to lessen the offending behaviour and the negative impact on the people and the community. This leads to improvement in the quality of life individually and collectively through addressing the concerns pertaining to social and physical environment. Furthermore, community safety put emphasis on awareness of safety for addressing crime, anti-social and violent happenings in the community. Greater consideration is now given to setting local priorities for people whereas businesses also are viewed to be a part of the community. Community safety has widely been considered by the police officers, local authority workers, and politicians as they are involved in initiating activities against crime. There are several factors which can lead to crime or disorder for a community in a local area. There are many indicators which indicate whether or not a crime is likely to occur. The indicators may include poverty, behaviour problems, lack of parenting, bad parental behaviour, social ability, bad school grades, accessibility to drugs, and peer pressure. If these behaviours are coupled together, the chance of criminal behaviour increases (Crawford and Evans, 2012, p. 769-805).

Community affairs and programs can help people get to know one another and get the people to their neighbourhood. If people have more involvement in their community, then perhaps they will respect it more and help to ensure the safety of all its members. The program also helps in surrounding and influencing the local youth with positive experiences and a constructive image of the law enforcement as well as other community leaders. Together, they work to spread public awareness about the importance of cultivating a responsible attitude and values within the Community. It also helps people to lead a lifestyle without the fear of crime or doing the things that can take them down ...
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