Company Should Not Only Defend Itself But Hack Back Against The Hackers.

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Company Should Not Only Defend Itself But Hack Back Against the Hackers.


As technology had advanced, people rely on the internet to make things easier for themselves in their daily life. Everything that is electronically controlled is at risk of being hacked. Systems which can be hacked include but are not limited to: modern automobiles, bank accounts, airline systems, social networks, and even electronic voting.

Hacking is the biggest problem these days. There are multiple attackers who are hiding behind. It is essential to identify these trackers who are providing harm to the network. The problem statement for this major issue is that, “How to track multiple attackers that is attempting to hide at the same time?” It is the major problem which needs to be identified so that the rate of hacking reduces to maximum level.

Most hackers break into systems maintains a passion for computers and not with the aim to destroy or steal data. While cracker is a form of hacker and is a criminal pleat's computer whose primary purpose is to destroy or steal data, turn off computer systems or kidnap a computer system to ransom. Companies that are usually the victims of this breed of pirates prefer not to disclose information, for the sake of preserving the image of their companies, making the pirate business statistics are far below the actual values

Internet has become an essential part of our lives these days, and our life has been dependent on the internet. Cyber world has opened numerous opportunities for us, for example, reference material, electronic commerce, email, collaborative computing, information distribution and advertisements etc. Hacking is defined as breaking into some computer which results in undermining of the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the computer or the data saved within it.

The most common form of cyber attack is hacking. Hacking can be defined as creative innovation as well as a form of unlawful behavior. This is a form of activity that has occupied two extreme positions. Hacking is defined as cut chop, something that is used to improve the performance of the battle boredom by the mainframe operators. There are different types of hacking including, software hacking and information hacking etc. Multiple attackers who are hidden needs to be identified so that there is no hacking, and eventually leads to less cyber crime.

Surprisingly, anything electronic can be hacked, including modern automobiles. Modern automobiles are now using computer systems to monitor everything for the vehicle. This monitoring by the computer in the car can mean a lot of trouble for someone if their system becomes hacked. This puts the driver of the vehicle at great risk, being that the hacker will be able to control such functions as the brakes, engine, lights, and locks (Hall, 2010). In the event of the vehicle being hacked, the driver will be able to do nothing about the functions being controlled by the hacker.

As technology has improved, people are able to make their lives easier when concerning finances. ATMs, online ...
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