Comparison And Contrast Of Smes

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Comparison and Contrast of SMEs

Comparison and Contrast of SME's


Background and Type of Business

Hayfield Masala is a luxurious Indian cuisine that serves the best in properly cooked Indian food. The enterprise was started with money saved up by the entrepreneur himself, they had no loans or other means of funding and have not acquired any till date. On the other hand, OGZ Barbers is Small barber shop at the heart of Uxbridge. This organization targets male and female customers where the proportion is 90% males and 10 % females. This barber shop has an experience of 8 years.

Trading History

Hayfield Masala was started with money saved up by the entrepreneur himself, they had no loans or other means of funding and have not acquired any till date. The entrepreneur believed this would be the best way to give the enterprise the best chance of success and has been right with his decision (Aba-Bulgu, 2006). On the other hand, the business of OGZ Barbers started with the same capital of the owners in the amount of £10000 including the costs of rent, tools, promotion. In addition to this, it has been observed that the profits of the company have been fluctuating during the past few years.

Primary Data Collection

The primary data as the name suggests, is the data in its most basic and raw form. It is without any involvement of researcher's opinions or analysis and is also referred to as an unembellished and pure observation on the part of the researcher. It has been also referred to as something raw as it has not been edited or shaped by the researchers and is in its actual form as it was recorded at the time of observation without any external influences. The primary data is collected in order to get the actual data as observed by the researcher.

Aims and Objectives

The core focus of this section is to compare and contrast the aims and objectives that Hayfield Masala and OGZ Barbers have developed throughout their business operations. Customer satisfaction is the number one aim of Hayfield Masala that all staff including the entrepreneur himself believe in, in order to keep the business being successful. This organization has always aimed to have top quality customer service, Hayfield Masala aim to have the highest quality in the standards of the food they offer, they are very competitive in regards to this and aim to be the best and compete with the top competitors within the Indian food industry (Henschel, 2008).

On the other hand, the core aim of OGZ Barbers is also to provide complete satisfaction to their customers. The organization also focuses on providing the innovative services and new salon services to their customers, which make them different from their competitors. It is the aim of the organization to have a competitive edge over their competitors in order to retain their customers for a longer period of time. The company is also aimed towards gaining a balance among its profits in the upcoming ...