Comparison Of Distance Learning Among United States And United Kingdom

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Comparison of Distance Learning among United States and United Kingdom

Comparison of Distance Learning among United States and United Kingdom

Distance Learning Trends in the United Kingdom

When one looks at some of the major studies that were conducted since 2010, one study that stands out is by the Technology Assisted Lifelong Learning. The study was conducted in Oxford University and what it did was that it assessed the leanings provided by the UK institutions. The study was about the functioning of the higher education sector in UK. Some of the key observations of that study are given below:

The larger number of online distance learning programs that were offered by the higher education colleges are pertaining to the post graduate level.

Some of the courses that were provided with the partnership of the commercial organizations were seen to be spread in a far equal manner, but as discussed above, the major point of emphasis on all these programs was that postgraduates provision were taken into the consideration.

All of the online distance learning programs were identified and were developed keeping in mind the continuous professional development of the students. This was true for the courses that were provided by the institutes that were the part of the private sector and at the same time, they were more inclined towards the business oriented programs.

Level 4 and Level 5 courses were identified as possible routes for the higher education. This trend was seen in all of the education programs.

Most of the Level 4 programs were constituted of relatively higher number of courses, approximately one third of the all the courses. At the same time, these courses were short and were more standalone in their nature. At most they were offering 10 to 20 credits when one talks about the higher education reward. The ...