Complexities In The U.S. Financial System

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Complexities in the U.S. Financial System

Complexities in the U.S. Financial System


The financial market of US is the leading market in the whole world. The volume of the US financial market is highest because it imports 92% of the goods from different parts of the world. The financial markets of US have a total volume of US$3.266 trillion as according to the statistics of 2011. The movement in the financial markets have a great impact on the economy as well as on the political situation of the country. The US financial market has a direct impact on the political situation of the country.

The United States is having the largest and certainly has the feature of being a technologically powerful country in the world. The country has the biggest factor of having the large level of output in the world, with GDP having value of more than US$14 trillion. As one of the world's most advanced economies, the country has an edge of having the best resources of information technology and to have expertise in the areas of technical innovation.


Financial markets play a critical role in the accumulation of capital and the production of goods and services. The price of credit and returns on investment provide signals to producers and consumers financial market participants.

The U.S. Financial markets because of its size, volume and activity is the biggest in the whole world. The market is regarded as the biggest because it is also the financial hub of the whole world most of the trading activity and the futures are traded in US open market. Although a greater portion of the financial markets responds to economic trends, financial markets themselves influence how the economic systems operate. Effectively operating financial markets determines the value of credit within the economy which directly ...