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Computing Systems

Computing Systems

Personal Perspective

There are a number of devices that we are using, but some of these devices are developed much with the development of technology. The two devices that I have used previously are,

Inkjet Printer (Previously Used) vs. Laser Printer (Currently Used)

Core 2 Duo Processor (Previously Used) vs. Core i3 Processor (Currently Used)

The details of my experience for these two devices are given below.

Inkjet Printer vs. Laser Printer

Previously, I was using the Inkjet printer, but now I m using laser printer. Inkjet and laser printers are currently the most common types of printers. Inkjet printers formed the (written) image by microscopically fine ink droplets sprayed from nozzles onto the paper or printable medium. While, the Laser printers work differently, it involves the photoelectric effect, in which a laser beam at certain points describes a statically charged, rotating drum so that later toner powder to adhere to the places with the same charge and virtually burned into the paper to be printed. It is inherently superior to any other printing technology (Brown et al. 1996, p. 378).

The printing speed of laser printers is fast as compare to the inkjet printers. While inkjet print one line after another, laser printers create the entire page at once. In color printing, the difference is even greater, because then the inkjets for each color must bring another print head in position. However, it is possible after all modern inkjet printers to print about 10 pages a minute, which is probably quite sufficient for most users. But who needs a higher speed printing with laser printers depending on the model about three times faster.

When printing text, the laser printer flexes its muscles. Even modern inkjet prints on plain paper of good quality, but those who want to achieve optimum results ...
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