Constitution System Of The U.S. State

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Constitution System of the U.S. State

Constitution System of the State of New York


The Constitution in politics can be defined as the social and political pact adopted by the people, to set the ground rules for peaceful coexistence and building-democratic society, based on the highest values ??of dignity human, justice, equality, freedom and political pluralism (Tushnet 2009). From a legal perspective, the Constitution is the fundamental law of State law rules that entered the system constitutional issue, i.e., the manner and form in which it is organized and is-state structure, which is the proclamation of the highest values and principles, the consecration of the rights and guarantees constitutional people, and the definition of the structure social, economic, financial, legal and political rules.


How are main components of the government set up by the constitution of the State of New York?

According to Vile (2010) said that it is given its nature and importance for the life of the State of New York, the constitution must have a stamp of legitimacy, for which you must meet two basic conditions: the first political, the social pact and are expressed as in it should be taken with all democratic intervention citizenship, so that it is the true expression of the sum of all real factors of power, that is, all sectors and stakeholders and political, and, second, the constitutional system it set must be the expression of the social, economic, cultural, political and of society, which means that formal written constitution or must be an expression of material constitution that is society itself with economic, social, political and cultural reality (Steinzor 2010). Failure any of these conditions will result in the Constitution lost legitimacy and validity, the consequence will not comply with or meet or where appropriate, a violent rupture of the constitutional system occurs.

How are the services in of the State of New York authorized by its constitution?

The Constitution of the United States was dedicated and devoted to the defense of "private property rights" based on exploitation, which for a period of nearly eighty years included the slavery of African Blacks. James Madison, who is known as main author of the Constitution of the United States, assertd that under country laws, a slave was an inhabitant but debased through servitude below the level of inhabitants (Madison 2013). The truth of the situation is that they have some. These qualities: being considered by our laws, in some respects, as persons, and in other respects as property. This is in fact their true character is the character bestowed on them by the laws under which they live, and not denied that these are the proper criterion.

The Constitution adopted was not the expression of a social and political pact adopted democratic participation citizenship, i.e., the different social forces of the State, it was the expression of the will of the new emerging mining oligarchy people of the War of Independence, and on the other, was not the expression of social, economic, political and cultural reality of the society, ...
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