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Contracts: Legal Issue

Contracts: Legal Issue



In the contract law, the acceptance refers to the agreeableness of the offeree to get engage in the contract, and the acceptance occurs when the offeree accepts the offer. The legal binding implies on both the offeror and the offeree as soon as the offeree accepts the offer. The process of the acceptance includes the three primary rules which entail in them the communication of acceptance to the offeror, the acceptance terms must be same as the terms of the offer and the contract must be certain.

In the acceptance, there is a posting rule which is different and an exceptional form the general rule. The general rule states that the contract takes place when the acceptance is communicated to the offeror and when the offeror get to know about the acceptance. In contrast, the postal rule states that the contract is formed, and the acceptance takes places as soon as the letter containing the matter regarding the acceptance is posted. The posted letter of acceptance will be treated as the legally effective acceptance at the exact minute the letter is posted.

Alice and Bill Case Background

The case of the Alice and Bill is based on the rule popularly known as the postal rule. Alice wrote the letter to Bill making an offer to sell the shares to her. The offer was communicated by Alice through letter and she also asked Bill to reply her on a particular date. The letter also included a particular rate at which Alice wanted to purchase the shares. On the other hand, Bill accepted the offer and he wrote Alice a letter of acceptance of the offer. Bill accepted all terms and conditions of the offer. After some time, Bill changed his mind and decided not to sell the shares to Alice on that rate and he also decided to revoke the acceptance. He called Alice and left the message on her answering machine. When Alice arrived home she first read the letter of acceptance by Bill and after reading the letter she turned on the recorder.

Tender documentation is being developed by the customer, authorized body, specialized organization and approved by the customer or authorized body. Tender documentation must contain the requirements set by the customer or authorized body, to the quality and specifications of the goods, works and services, the requirements for their security requirements to the functional characteristics (consumer properties) of the item, size requirements, packaging, shipment of goods, the requirements to results works and other indicators related to determining the compliance of the delivered goods, works, and services rendered to the needs of the customer (Murdoch, 2008).

However, if the Employer has accepted the offer and sent an acceptance letter Administrator contractors in this case contractor is liable to go with the contract or compensate the difference of it to the Employer. This because the date

Elements of Contracts

The contract formed between Alice, and the Bill is basically the express contract and the elements in this contract ...
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