Counties In Kentucky

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Counties in Kentucky


For this paper, our focus and concentration is around the area of Kentucky, where multiple counties currently exist. Not only would it help us analyze and assess the leverage and the ability of each, but also that it would make way for the development and the establishment of all things bliss that are around us.

Greenup County

Greenup County has been established in the year 1803, named after Christopher Greenup, who served as the 3rd Governor of Kentucky (DOR, pp.15). Greenup served Kentucky through his political service through the Kentucky convention located in Danville during 1784.

In line with his constant efforts, effective and active participation in the matters of the state, he was amongst the first who served Kentucky under the vote of the state's senators and the governors and was also framed for the House of Representatives and also was seconded to the position of the President (Freeman, pp. 83).

Just one month before his demise, Greenup posted his resignation after serving Kentucky as the Secretary of the State and hence, it was because of endless service that Greenup that the Greenup County was named in his honor.

Scioto County

Scioto County was named as a hybrid and on account of the intersection that takes places between the Ohio and Scioto River. The county has said to be amongst the most popular in Ohio, being home to some of the most renowned names such as Kathleen Battle (opera singer) and Al Oliver (former Major League Baseball player).

The Scioto County has progressed immensely and substantially in the area of government, transportation, education, media, sports and the general economy overall. Uranium plants and shoelaces are two important factories and manufacturing units that contribute significantly towards the development and the establishment of a stronger and sustainable economy, with guaranteed prosperity and boom (Hockensmith, ...
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