Country Risk Analysis

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Country Risk Analysis

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Country Risk Analysis

Successful businesses venturing into foreign markets to establish a country risk and strategic planning framework to ensure potential problems are dealt with to prevent these failures. In our work, we discuss the analysis of country risk in Canada. O2 Inc. hope to become a global business. Inc. will provide fresh oxygen O2 customers to relax and help improve their health. The paper explores the risks to decompose the introduction of our products to Canada in different sections of political risk, market risk, supply and NAFTA. Suggestions include several strategies to manage these risks, clarifying business goals and develop implementation strategies that allow the integration of O2 Inc., a successful product.

Political and Legal Risks

In the investigation of our proposed business enterprise, we have conducted various risk analysis for O2 Inc., including regulatory policy of repatriation of funds, taxation, and marketing risks. Our findings of political and regulatory risk analysis opposed the sale and use of our product. Both the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists and doctors opposed to using oxygen for recreational or personal use.

Distribution / Supply Chain Risks

oxygen bar products sold to the chains of supply in Canada suggests great potential for growth as the oxygen bar products are sold to each supplier with the option of setting each provider has its own business logo applied directly to the computer (Cabezas hollow, 2003, 2). While our company offers the product, each provider of legal plans to establish the product as their own. Company logo applications allow business owners to advertise the product with its own products and services. The distribution of our products are mainly land cargo, shipping by rail and road transport. Air freight expedited orders is an additional option for providers who need immediate ...
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