Cover Letter And Curriculum Vitae

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Cover letter and Curriculum Vitae

Cover Letter

Name of the Candidate,

Address: 123 ABC Road, City

City, USA,

(000) 000-0000.

June 13, 2013

XYZ, (the person addressed to)

ABC, Health Care,

Address of the Health Care

e.g 123 South Health Care,

(000) 000-0000.

Dear Mr. XYZ,

With direction and orientation to Health Care advertisement in the local news paper of employment I am concerning for the position of licence practical nurse. I reflect that my interests and qualifications bout with the prerequisite you are encompassing and encircling.

I am currently in LPN to BSN program with Indiana State University. I believe my education and qualification until now will put in and contribute to the position of licence practical nurse. Even my experience and other competencies will help in attaining the goals Health Care has set.

I have the current license LPN, CPR card which is the basic schooling and training of the nurse. This is one of the essentials for the licensed practical nurse.

In the process of acquiring and obtaining the certificate from superior respiratory services for oxygen therapy and delivery services, gained me the experience and learn the practices that are carried out in case of emergencies and deal with problematic respiratory diseases.

Tracheotomy care and Tracheal suction Aerosolized medication therapy was the learning experience and understanding that worked in minimising complications and maximising treatment. These applications of therapies will administer the post of license practical nurse. Hand held Nebulizer treatment was the addition and accumulation to the experience gained. During these years of experience I had learned and equipped myself with the number of work related task and nursing functions.

I have acquired the skills and competencies that are related to licensed practical nurse and Health Care program, which aid me in an outstanding demonstration of my profession and other related activities. Competencies and skills such as taking care of the patient with immense tolerance level will help me carry out the interaction with the patient and thus creating a comfort zone. Amiable personality and effective communication will contribute in collecting the required information of the patient that will ultimately help in the diagnoses of the disease. My analytical skills will be used in situations where the problem is not clearly defined. With the research skill, the root cause of the disease can be determined enabling the professional to start with the required treatment. I am sentinel for the innovative possibilities in the same area in which I have some basic skills.

The post of license practical nurse will help me achieve my objective. I want to explore my career and score position in your most reputable Health Care. Your Health Care will help to gain the experience and work for the betterment of human. I would like to be part of your organization as I feel that your organization would make me excel. I am convinced that my qualification, experience and background would make me best fit for the vacancy.

I will call you on Friday, 22nd June, to assemble a private meeting and talk about the ...