Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System of England and Wales

Criminal Justice System of England and Wales


For the past several years, a tremendous change is observed in people's attitudes against crimes. Most of us reside in gated communities. The populations of prison are increasing day by day. Issues such as zero tolerance policies, community policing and profiling are now the headlines. Not only crime has changed over the years, it is the society that has also changed. These changes have rebuilt the public policy, criminological thought and the meaning of criminals and crime (Anonymous, n.d.).

Criminal Justice System is a key public service of Wales and England. It is a group of state, federal and local public agencies which deal with crimes and issues related to it. The chief task of criminal justice system is delivering justice to everyone by punishing the accused and supporting them to stop committing crimes. One of the main functions of Criminal justice system is to provide an effective, methodical, fair and comprehensible procedure to the general public. The goal is to make the system of prison and the procedures involved dealing with prisoners more efficient and effective. With the Criminal Justice System, agencies such as Crown Prosecution Service, police, Courts, Prohibition and Prisons work together to provide justice. These agencies are overseen by government departments: the Attorney General's Office, Home Office, and the Department of Constitutional Affairs. All these agencies work with departments continuously to change and enhance the criminal justice system to prevent and identify more crimes, provide witnesses and victims more support and restore and punish more offenders (Anonymous, n.d.).


The Criminal Justice System due to its complex and large size is a bit frightening to understand. However, if we think over it with respect to different levels, it makes the task manageable. When you interact with the criminal justice system, whether you are a victim, a witness in a court case or charged with a crime, you have the right to be tackled fairly without discrimination. Criminal justice system of England and Wales has mutually the disadvantages and advantages (Garland, 2002).

According to the National Archives (Anonymous, n.d.), the Criminal Justice System (CJS) has more than 400,000 staffs in 6 major agencies, which work mutually to bring criminal justice.

Criminal justice organisations

As stated by Garland (1995), the home office is accountable for issues related with prisons, police magistrate court and probation service. The department of lord counsellor is accountable for affairs related to higher courts, judiciary and administration of legal support. The leading agencies are Crown Prosecution Service, police, the courts, the National Offender Management Service. Some initiatives and services within the Criminal Justice System are under a number of voluntary groups like National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (Nacro) and Victim Support (Lethanhtung, 2007).

The Police

The chief constables head forty three police forces in England and Wales. Most of the police force is positioned on boundaries of the country. The metropolitan police are responsible for the affairs of ...
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