Criminal Law

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Criminal Law

Criminal Law


Crime is an ugly part of society and debate over laws, their interpretation and translation comes under consideration whenever the criminals take advantage of the gaps in the law or break it. In July 2012, United States was stunned when young man enrolled in doctorate, went on a shoot spree in a Colorado Cinema featuring the first show of an action movie. A total of seventy people were shot or wounded in this incident which is highest number of injured in a shooting in United States. Ten people died on the spot while two people expired at the hospital. This event sparked the debate on the Gun Control Act of 1968 which has come under scrutiny several times before but the people of United States and the government has repeatedly failed to come with an effective solution to this problem. The Gun Control act was supported by the old arms manufacturers so that they can defend their market in the face of more violence due to gun availability.


Aurora Shooting

The incident of Colorado mass shooting occurred on 20th July 2012 (Coffman, 2012). The place was Century Movie Theater, Colorado during the screening of “the Dark Night Rises. The assailant was dressed in a full bullet proof gear. The gun man first threw tear gas on the crowd and then used multiple firearms to shoot at the crowd. The crowd first thought that it is some publicity stunt but then the people started getting injured which made them realized that it is not the case. The assailant has been identified as James Eagan Holmes who is the currently under arrest by the authorities.

The incident increased the sale of guns in the Colorado state. Other states like Washington, California, Florida and Georgia also witnessed a sharp increase in guns sale. ...
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