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Criminal Profiler

Criminal Profiler


1. A crime

In this study I shall use the 2007 Live Earth concerts as a case study to investigate the way in which Live Earth is an demonstration of 'New Politics' and 'Life politics'. Implicit to the study of Live Earth concerts are the convoluted connections between the localized and the global, individual and the collective. In this investigation I will furthermore discover the components of 'eco citizenship', utilization, persona and the use of new newspapers types in the delivery of the Live Earth concerts. These will be discovered in deepness below.

Live Earths use of pop culture takes us after accepted types of politics to questions of persona, globalization and lifestyle.


Case Analysis

2. How the crime occurred (location and victim should be noted as well).

In 2007 Live Earth concerts were held in an array of venues round the world with the focus on weather change awareness. Live Earth conceived commerce first which was a set of Green Event Guidelines and Green creative individual guidelines in which event organizers could pursue in alignment to make their event carbon neutral and communally responsible. Live Earth was the biggest global amusement event ever held and had an approximated record assembly of over 2 billion people. Live Earth was a display case of more than 150 melodious artists. What was it that directed to the assembly desire to melody into or joins this event? One of suggestion is Inglehart's idea of “post materialism” (1977, 1990). This is the notion that expanding ecological anxiety is a merchandise of both psychological entails inside individuals and expanding material and economic riches in society.   Environmental movements are glimpsed as owning post-material standards that exactly challenge the superior materialist standards of up to date society. The post- materialist contention is that having mostly fulfilled the rudimentary desires of security and security, components of the sophisticated developed humanity are adept to chase the 'higher', more luxuriant determinants for example a clean environment. However mail materialism suggests that ecological anxiety lives because persons have altered, not because the natural environment has changed. Science has shown to us on more than one event that the natural environment has altered due to human activity. Therefore another more undertaking set about to interpret support behind Live Earth is in periods of the 'post industrial' culture worried with a 'risk society' mobilizing to pattern New Social Movements - in this case a re-emerging ecological movement. 'Risk society' has appeared in relative to 'quality of life' whereby persons are inspired to precede because of the risk to individual security and or wellbeing (Beck 1992).   The hazards affiliated with weather change have been bordered as disastrous to the survival of the human race.

Crime Scene

3. Draw a preliminary sketch of the crime scene and/or take photos of it.

A characteristic of 'New Politics' is the dissemination of information and information. Live Earth tried to lift the perception and teach the assembly about the influence of human undertaking on the ...
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