Criminological Aspects Of Organized Crime

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Criminological Aspects Of organized crime



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In the following proposed study, we will analyze and examine the concept of organized crime and the various criminal activities which are carried out by the organized crime all across the nations. The primary aim of the study is to analyze the impact of organized crime on the economic environment and the society. The following study will also analyze the various criminal activities and the various strategies which will help to reduce the impact of organized crime on the society. The research study adopts the secondary research method for the purpose of data collection and analysis. The research study has adopted the qualitative research methods and techniques. In the end the research study also provides adequate recommendations and suggestions for future research and also provides implications for the study.







1.1Outline of the study1

1.2Background of the study1

1.3Significance of the study2

1.4Problem statement4

1.5Research aims and objectives5

1.6Research questions6

1.7Research design and methodology6

1.8Limitation of the study7

1.9Delimitation of the study8

1.10Time scale8



2.1Overview of crime11

2.2Statistics of crime in united states12

2.3Reasons for committing crimes14

2.3.1Poor parenting skills15

2.3.2Peer influence16

2.3.3Poverty and low economic growth16

2.3.4Illegal drugs and alcohol16

2.3.5Social inequality17

2.3.6Income and education17

2.3.7Easy access to weapons18

2.4Types of criminal activities18





2.4.5Cyber crimes20

2.5Impact of crime on society21

2.6Economic impacts of crime and criminal activities23

2.7Criminal law25

2.8Prevention of crimes in society26

2.8.1Establish Manageable Enforcing Units26

2.8.2Reform Crime Reporting and Crime Analysis27

2.8.3Develop Effective Local Crime Investigations27

2.8.4Establish Effective Oversight Systems28

2.9Overview of organized crimes29

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