Crimnological Aspects

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Research Proposal on Future Aspects of Organized Crime


This research proposal aims at indentifying the various aspects of crime which can take place in future. The study will focus on the technological advancement and its impact on the psychology of people resulting in new aspects of crime. In addition to this verification of the facts in lieu of upcoming technology will focused in studying the potential threats. Limitations and possibilities will also be discussed. Analysis of statistical data will also available to the people using this research to enact policies.

Research Proposal on Future Aspects of Organized Crime


With the passage of time there has been rapid progress in the filed of technology is observed. As the technology changes and enhancements are made it also pave the way for many threats. Among those threats one is the increase in the rate of crime in future. Now criminals are able to disguise themselves to perform different criminal activities. The change in technology has also impacted the psychology of people across the world.

Problem Statement

Internationally it has been observed that the threat to people life and especially wealth has increased. This is an alarming situation for people across the globe and now it seems to be necessary to identify the potential threats and ways of crime. To identify the different aspects of crime the changing psychology of criminals are also required to be discussed.

Thesis Statement

Change in the technology will have its effects in organizing the crime in different aspects.

Purpose of the Study

The primary objective of this study will be doing a through research which can help in the advanced and in-depth analysis of various methodologies and technologies which will take place in future regarding crime. The purpose of this study is to identify the future threats regarding organize crime, analyzing various aspects and ensure safety regarding those potentials threats. It will also help to structure various securities strategies which can be helpful in the course of business. Security agencies will get help to formulate future strategies which can be feasible with the needs of future irrespective of any limitation. International criminal activities and its links with the technology and methods which are in use and will be in future can also be analyzed through in-depth study of the subject. Law forming authorities will have statistics of possible threats to enact different laws.

Aims and Objectives

Initially study the criminal psychology

Study various current organize crimes

Analyze potential crimes

Help to take preventive measure against the potential crimes which can harm various individuals and organizations.

To secure economy from various crimes which are organize in such a manner to deceive the people and organizations


Ho: With the change of time the criminal activities have become more organized

H1: This rejects the statement that time has influence the criminal activities

Research Questions

What is the effect of fall of communism on the criminal activities?

What are the future aspects of organized crimes?

How will time influenced in strengthening the crime and the way it has become organized in recent times?

Literature Review

It has been observed that after the ...