Innovation and Technology in Nursing Education

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Topic of Interest: Innovation and Technology in Nursing Education

Critical Analysis of:

Price, B. (2006). Strategies to explore innovation in nursing practice. Nursing standard, 21(9), 48-55.

The study is conducted by Bob Price who is a programme director, MSc. in advancing health care in RCN Insitute while he is also an education writer and researcher. The author also has many other research studies to his credit and hence can be regarded as a credible writer. The year of publication of the article suggests that the research is current and not much time has elapsed since the suggestions in the article were provided by the author in this peer reviewed journal. The article also contains a comprehensive list of references at the end. All these things combine to tell that that article is of high quality and legitimate.

The article focuses on the examination of various kinds of innovation and on the exploration of how these innovations are applied to health care. The article comprises of information regarding the strategies that may be used by nurses in order to incorporate innovation in their practice. An overview of the article suggests that that article provides an account of innovation in the context of practice, helps in identifying the circumstances that initiate the need to innovate, helps in understanding the role of creativity in practicing innovation, in identifying approaches that innovators may make use of for transforming practice etc. Since the topic is related to innovation and technology, the article will help in providing a comprehensive understanding if the use of it in the context and will hence, be beneficial for the study to be undertaken.

The purpose of the article is to examine and explain various aspects surrounding innovation while the study design is not clear. This is basically an article and not a research study with a specific research article format. This means that there is no actual study or research being carried out but it is actually an explanation of innovation and aspects surrounding it. There are various activities presented side by side for the readers to further understand the ideas presented in the article.

The author begins the account with an overview of healthcare complexity and also provides characteristics of the health care processes and suggests that there are many complexities in health care while the changes that are taking place in the health care scenario are also of the kind that ...