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Critical Analysis of Evidence

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Critical Analysis of Evidence

Article no. 1

This article deals with smoking cessation for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This paper is a review which looks at the studies conducted as of October 2003 and looks at their quality for inclusion. Then, the article provides evidence given in these studies with respect to the topic.

This article was located systematically. There was a need to understand the smoking cessation for people with some disease. Accordingly, the search was conducted to find an article on smoking cessation and disease, like COPD.

The authors have come to the conclusion that both psychosocial and pharmacotherapy interventions are effective when used in combination. However, they also conclude that these interventions, especially the psychosocial ones, are not very effective in isolation. Still, the evidence is not available, and there was a need to determine the interventions for each category of patients. The authors conclude hence through their analysis of the findings of the studies. They find that the two studies identified looked at the interventions in detail. These used both types of therapies where they used behavioural and NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) to find their results.

The review of the literature has been conducted well. The research was conducted to find out relevant studies over time in multiple databases, like Medline. Then, the researchers vetted the same for quality and found that only two of these studies were high-quality. They used the Delphi List to determine the quality of the studies. Hence, the method was reliable and produced valid results. Accordingly, the conclusions are consistent with the findings.

It was prepared in 2009. However, the researchers had also looked at other sources since October 2003. They found only the relevant material and concluded that there was no more literature available on the topic at that ...
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