Critical Analysis Raytheon Company

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Critical Analysis Raytheon Company

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Critical Analysis Raytheon Company


During the day, it has been observed that due to the increasing competition in the global markets, the companies are focusing more on revising their current business processes and they are making significant efforts to incorporate such operations that aim to provide them a competitive edge over their competitors. In addition to this, the companies also analyze their business strategies in a timely manner so as to keep them updated according to the changing trends in the market and also to cater to different requirements desires of their customers.

The current study aims to critically analyze the strategies and competitive position of one of the major aircrafts company of United States, Raytheon. It is considered to be the world's largest company that is involved in the manufacturing of guided missiles. A detailed SWOT analysis and competitive examination based on the Porter's 5 forces is also done in the paper to have a firm insight into the business pattern and success of the company over the years.

Impact of the Company's Mission on its Overall Success

Since its very inception in the year 1922, the company has tried to achieve certain milestones based on the vision and mission of the company.


The strategic vision of the company is to be the most prominent name in the field of aerospace systems and defense. The company also aims to shape its vision through dedicated and self-motivated staff and state of the art technology. This key principle has been rightfully considered as the company's root cause of its success.


The prime most mission of the company is its commitment in becoming the market leader and also in corporate governance. Over the years, the company has found to be one of the most successful companies that has gained competitive advantage over others in the field of avionics and commercial electronics. The company is also striving for reducing the cost of ownership as well as the operational costs from a number of different processes within the company. Moreover, the company has been on its way to achieve sustainable and productive improvements in the business operations that significantly optimize the restricted budget of the company and also the technical resources of the company.


Over the years, the stakeholders of the company have played a prominent role in the attainment of the competitive goals. Due to this, for the shareholders, the company has devised a strategy in which Raytheon has decided to align its corporate business procedures in such a way that can assist it in becoming the top leader in the corporate governance. The company has also put immense emphasis on having such system that supports the phenomenon of independent board oversight coupled with the concepts of effective communication and efficient accountability and transparency methods (AMR Corporation, 2013)

Porter's Five Forces Analysis of Raytheon

It has been observed that the current annual revenues of the company have reached to a value of US$25 billion. Moreover, the company is fairly considered as the fifth ...