Critique Of Theater Play: “you Cannot Take It With You”

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Critique of theater play: “You cannot take it with you”

Critique of theater play: “You cannot take it with you”


“You cannot take it with you” is a play by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman that involves the human affairs and depicts the themes that relate to everyday life. This essay has an objective to write a critique on this theatre play covering all the required aspects of the topic.


I have an opportunity to see the Scera Show at Valentine Theatre that showed the play titled “You cannot take it with you”. The play resembles very much to a road show in which a number of bright performances, even some unprofessional ones are on its peak, spreading smiles and laugh at every place. (Snider, 2002) Ah, what if refreshment was provided too.

Sound Design

There are about 900 seats in the Valentine Theatre with a single big screen, state of the art environment, and high quality lighting and sound design (Valentine Theatre Website). The play was in conjunction with the sound system. The play remains funny just like ever and thus the sound system used make it more appropriate to properly listen to the humorous conversation between the performers. The actors in the play were provided with a mike that makes the sound better. The execution of the final play was in a masterly manner; however, there were few flaws making the sound design bit problematic. As the play was performed in a receptive environment, so sometimes the atmosphere was fully absorbed with laughs that make it difficult to grasp the sentences of the performers. The house music was provided and shows a good fit within the play.


The director's intent with this play was to show the issues from which the families suffers and how the members though very different from each other still live and survive together. The director was successful in delivering the theme in a very pleasing manner. The actions on the stage complement the other elements of the plays as each of the performers were fully provided with training of performing the role in a coherent manner. The element that stood out in terms of direction is that the director at some points makes a comical attack on the capitalism that in reality is not the essence of this play. The major theme of the title of the play is that whatever we collect in ...
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