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Crompton & Smythe

A Report on Crompton & Smythe


This assignment is based on the case study of Crompton and Smythe Ltd. It describes the details of the three expatriates which are to be sent in Germany, to manage the company's operations successfully there and diversify business. It also includes the details of the package and employee relation strategy, cultural differences and similarities they would face, training and development required for them to fit successfully. It also explains the consequences regarding the organization diversification in terms of moving to other countries.

Crompton & Smythe is a Northampton company specializing in the production of handmade shoes and leather products. Founded as a family enterprise in the 1930s, the company has expanded over the decades. In its first venture overseas, Crompton & Smythe recently purchased a small shoe factory in an industrial area in Germany. This plant, which was set up by a prominent local German businessman three years ago and which currently employs about 80 staff, has operated quite well since its creation, but uses somewhat outdated manufacturing technology and is being sold as the present owner wants to move to Germany and needs funds to enter a different field of business there.


Well as the company wants to hire three expatriates for the operations in Germany and for that reason I going to present some of the key points highlighting the facts and figures. To develop the strategy it is very important to know what these points which are going to discussed are;

Employee relations strategy

Employee relation strategy means it is the interaction between the employer and employees. There are many factors involved such as human relations labor relations and compensation benefits.

The employment relationship - a relationship based on an agreement between the employee and the employer of an employee for personal fulfillment cost of labor (working on a post, profession or occupation, or a specific type of work assigned to it). An employee who entered into an employment relationship shall be subject to the internal code of conduct and the employer is obliged to provide it with working conditions in accordance with the law, collective or individual employment contract. (Warhurst, R. 1995, P 265)

Labor relations arise between employer and employee on the basis of the concluded their labor contract. In addition, the employment relationship may also arise from the actual assumption of the worker to work with the consent or at the request of the employer, even if it has not issued an employment contract.


The salary or remuneration is an important element in maintaining a harmonious working relationship. Most conflicts and usually the most controversial issues are related to salary. The salary is the goodwill of physical or mental effort that contributes to the production process to obtain a good use or provide a service. Compensation is defined as that is provided in cash or in kind to the employee, by the employer to make available to their ability to work. This involves knowledge of both parties to be bound to comply with ...
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