Csc 405 Mod 5 Slp Future Of Ajax Technology

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CSC 405 Mod 5 SLP Future of AJAX Technology

CSC 405 Mod 5 SLP Future of AJAX technology


Ajax is an asynchronous of JavaScript and XML. Ajax technology is a standard technique which is designed for the application of web developers, in order to create interfaces between the users for the applications which are installed on the server. This technology allows the users to communicate with the server while staying on the same page. Ajax technology joins various languages with each other including HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS and XML. It not only joins all the languages but also helps all the languages to interact with each other more easily. This technology can change the way dynamic pages are interacted or viewed. It is one of the great technologies which can help any kind of page. has applied this latest technology to their email. Maps and other options they offer. It is used by e-commerce sites for credit card submission and their shopping cart. Ajax is the most efficient technology and makes the coding easier (Zammetti, 2006).


AJAX Is the Future of Web App Development

One can easily understand the power of AJAX who have already use Microsoft's Outlook Web Access, Google Maps or Gmail. It is one of the greatest technologies which provide Web applications the receptiveness user's link with the applications of desktop. Basically, AJAX allows the back channel communication in the applications of Web. This is the reason that only small sections of Web pages are updated as a result of user activity (Zammetti, 2006). If this latest technology is compared to the old Web applications that used to follow the common pattern of waiting for the long time until the whole page is loaded completely and then decide the task and then click and wait again until the page is loaded completely, AJAX applications provides the better work environment to the users (Powell, 2006). Another advantage behind this technology is that, if it is operated properly it may also helps to reduce both server requirements as well as the bandwidth. It is not a single technology but it can be said that it is the combination of several technologies, arising in the new and powerful ways. It incorporates:

Dynamic interaction and display by using the document object model

Standards-based management by using CSS and XHTML

Data manipulation and interchange by using XSLT and XML

Asynchronous data recovery by using XMLHttp request

All these characteristics improves ...