Csc 423 Mod 5 Case Introducing Web Service Securities

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CSC 423 Mod 5 Case Introducing Web Service Securities

CSC 423 Mod 5 Case Introducing Web Service Securities


Android is one of the advanced operating system which is based on the operating system called Linux. Android is primarily designed for smart phones, touch screen mobile phones and tablet computers. Applications of android are coded in the most efficient programming language, java. Millions of smart phone users are currently using this operating system in their mobile phones. It is one of the greatest and fast growing operating system which allows its users to avail number of different games, applications and other general content (Burnette, 2010). Android offers user friendly services and features to its users to navigate their devices in a more convenient way. It may include haptic feedback, trackball, text-to-speech, gesture navigation and directional pad navigation. It also contains the built-in security features, in its operating system which ultimately minimizes the frequency of security issues. No doubt, the addition of android is one of the greatest additions in mobile applications (Shackles, 2012).


Android is considered as one of the most advanced mobile platform. Android allows its users to use all the applications of Google. Additionally there are more than six lac games and applications which are available on the site of Google play that keep the users entertained along with books, songs and thousands of movies (Burnette, 2010). Android provides everything that is needed to build different applications and games with in the mobile phone. From all around the world, billions of people are using the android applications in their mobile devices because of its powerful features and applications. Smart phones, having android operating system gather all the useful options, like web browser and emails, on the home screen of the mobile phone (Shackles, 2012).

Features of Android as Mobile OS

Android is one of ...