Ctlls/Dtlls Assignment

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CTLLS/DTLLS Assignment

CTLLS/DTLLS Assignment

Negotiating with Learners

Negotiating with learners include agreeing actions, goals and initial assessment. Initial assessment is the beginning of a teacher and learner relationship that allows the teachers to discover and identify the learners with disabilities and difficulties. Negotiation is an imperative element in the process of learning as if the students are confident to talk with the teachers then the plans for the teaching can be designed in a way that all students get progress in their learning process.

Moreover, in relation to agreeing goals and actions, the teaching plans which are designed for the betterment of students will determine the level of students as it guides and facilitates the teachers, in this context, the learners might already have knowledge and skills that narrate to the subject chosen which is Math in the given case, for that reason, teaching plans based on the negotiating are important.

Inclusive learning

To meet the learning process of the student, the teacher should offer learning activities. Any educational practice, even intuitive, reveals a conception of learning and thus education. When this design is clear and consistent and has some influence on the school environment, this is known as a pedagogical model, not in the sense of a model to follow or imitate, but a coherent educational principles. Each model sees the student and learning in some way. In traditional teaching, the student is a storekeeper and a receiver of knowledge, a blank slate to permeate entirely by external models favored teaching the lecture and then the imitation of models. In the behaviorist model, it is considered that “the student can be conditioned to produce certain behaviors if they put in place adequate stimuli, repeat until you get an adequate response” (Booth, 2011). Nondirective pedagogy, meanwhile, believes that students are naturally willing to learn, provided they left him free; education fades and focuses mainly develop an environment in which students choose their own journey. Moreover, for the Math subject, the inclusive learning is important and imperative to have as the use of various adapting session plans, resources and methods of delivery affect the learner's learning process.

Inclusive learning is the development of general education, which includes access to education for all learners, in terms of adaptation to the various needs of all learners, ensuring access to education for learner with special needs. Furthermore, each learner may have had previous educational experiences which were not good; they might have speech or visual difficulties; or have cultural differences which may have an impact upon their literacy and language learning which affects the delivery methods, resources, adapting session plans.

The Math teacher should discuss all these from the beginning of the program during the induction. In the view of Brown (2001), “by the end of this process both the teacher and the student should know each other”. The induction is important for both the student and the teacher. The teacher gathers information about the student and the students gather information about the delivery methods, resources, adapting session ...
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