Cultural Diversity

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Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

Answer 1.

The United States is a country comprised of different cultures, races and ethnicities. Diversity in the United States tells me that we are different in a variety of things. Differences and similarity in the United States taught me to have patience and tolerance. We have to accept the differences between each other, in this way we can experience and learn new ways of living, new ways of inception, and implementation. You need to look for common things between different cultures rather than pointing out differences. One thing that I found same in every culture is that we all want to be loved and respected by others, in my opinion we must possess such kind of positive thinking which will be beneficial for everyone in society. Having different culture can also make you experience different food. I would suggest that in order to enjoy diversity, we must embrace differences and look for common interests.

Answer 2.

I have learned a lot about my race through this course. We had many differences between whites and blacks in the past, which has started to resolve from mid 20th century. I did not know that the marriage between white and black persons were illegal in several states in 1960s. It taught me that African Americans were brought as slaves in the United States. We were put into many restrictions and African American had to fight for their rights back in 20th century. Different unfortunate events have occurred between blacks and whites. After knowing all this I want to learn more and more about my culture, race and ethnic group and how did we cope-up with such a dark history.

Answer 3.

The population of the United States is changing and growing quickly. The reason to this trend is because of enormous flow of immigration, whether it be legal or illegal. The population of the United States is expected to grow 42% by 2050. The Census Bureau has determined that the population of the United States will be 439 million in 2050 from 309 million in 2010. The United State is becoming diversified in terms of race and ethnicity. The population of African American is expected to rise from 13% to 15% by 2050 and the population of white is expected to decrease from 81% to 72% of the total population (Strategic Foresight Initiatives, 2011). Illegal migration factor is also a reason for changing demographic look and diversification of culture of the United States, where 60% of illegal migration is from Mexico in past few years.

Answer 4.

The United States is having cultural diversification, where there are many different small groups who are having unique cultures. The United States is facing illegal immigration which is increasing crime rates and hatred which is leading to cultural wars. We have to get rid of such people who are spreading hatred by publishing hatred Journals against different cultures, which can create chaos within the country. America is one country, and we need to accept cultural differences and we need ...
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