Cultural Influences In Development

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Cultural Influences in Development

Cultural Influences in Development

Single Moms

Single moms refers to the group of single mothers working in various rural communities in sewing workshops, generating self-employment through the sale of plastic material for material to make school uniforms for their children themselves.

The task of generating productive self-employment projects, due to the alarming growth of single mothers in the town, reported the president of the municipal DIF, Ruth García Meza, responsible for the production workshops to the community.

Both the county seat and the communities nestled in the foothills of the volcano Pico de Orizaba, lack of employment and the growing number of needy families generated the DIF would open the promotion of self-employment.

"We have several production projects in communities in order to get ahead, courses dressmaking apparel, beauty and kitchen to serve women to market their business," said the president of DIF.

He explained that the concept of self-employment is given to generate the training to groups of women who have the need and interest to succeed. For the case of garment factories have formed groups of single mothers who will design uniforms for schools. "We did a program in schools to collect plastic material, students in the school that put together a prize will be and what you buy from collecting fabrics to make these uniforms (Alexander, 1956).

The intention, he said, is falling all schools recycling program and what they can to get together their uniforms, will thus be further specialized and save the expenditure of each school year. García Meza considered these workshops have left him to DIF pleasant experiences as a part single mothers learning, support their economy and being self employed their own patterns. Coppice as tailoring, food processing and beauty have been in high demand and as a result many single mothers can keep their children and bring them up. In order to support mothers who need it most, the program aimed, in addition to providing a food basket for each month of pregnancy, seeks to empower the beneficiaries with self-employment workshops, enabling them to generate an income started.

Community Living

The mission of the Order from the beginning never had borders, crossed the "fault lines" that cross our globalized world. We keep a dynamic and embodied community that cans a presence in the middle where you are required to be with traveling attitude, free to move.

 To achieve our mission one of the most important tasks of the superior is to help the community define their community project. The central importance of it to our common life and mission was underscored by the last three General Chapters order, but some Provinces will not pay attention. Sometimes it is because they are misunderstood in the sense that each community should identify a single task, which should engage all the brothers, as a school or a parish. The first step is for each brother to expose community life and ministry, share her joys and disappointments faced (Cooney, 1964).

Community is defined as a group of people linked ...
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