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Chinese Culture


This paper presents comprehensive review on the concept of culture with specifications of the Chinese culture. The assignment commences with a definition and theoretical review of the term culture. A brief historical background of the Chinese culture is presented followed by the main characteristics of the culture. Moreover, cross cultural conflicts are elaborated. In the conclusion, the benefits of a multicultural society are entailed.

Chinese Culture

Thesis Statement

Chinese culture is a highly diversified culture with numerous colours and varieties. However, this culture is flexible enough to adapt to the other cultures.


It is imperative to define the term culture prior to the discussion of Chinese culture. National culture is defined as the set of characteristics, norms, beliefs and values commonly held by a society. Any practice or procedures, which are against the national culture of the host country, will result in deterioration of the economy and its people. Furthermore, National culture has a deep impact on the whole society. It determines the laws, the work of governmental institutions and most importantly, the way in which business is done and economy operates. The culture of China can be traced back to the days of Xia Dynasty thousands of years back.

Historical Review

Chinese have one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations, spanning some five thousand years. The country has long been ruled by dynasties. The first Chinese dynasty was the Xia Dynasty, established around 2000 BC. In more than four thousand years, China experienced at least 28 dynasties with more than five hundred emperors. The first imperial dynasty to unify all of China was the Qin Dynasty. Qin Shi Huang, known as the first emperor of China, built the Great Wall to guard against invading nomadic groups, and was the emperor for whom the famous Terracotta Army was fashioned (Ferroa, 1991). The present culture of China is the reflection of those old days and ancient traditions. It is the amalgamation of the primeval values with the modern view of multiculturalism.

Characteristics of the Culture

China is a culture with diverse characteristics ranging from food to language, gestures and family traditions. Eating is considered as one of the most successful way of building contacts and socializing. Chopsticks are the symbol of Chinese culture in terms of food as it is widely used at the dinner tables. As far as the gestures are concerned, Chinese people do not like to be touched by unknown people. They prefer to maintain a respectful distance. Another important characteristic is related to the family tradition. Families in China are usually male oriented. In most regions of China, the entire family has to listen to the father or to the grandfather if he is alive (Mau, 2010). If the grandfather has passed away, then the grandmother usually becomes the eldest person, and family members must consult her about big decisions. The elderly are highly respected in Chinese society. However, it does not mean that women are not given enough respect. Although families are male oriented, however, in professional life, woman ...
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