Culture And Its Influences

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Culture and its influences

Culture and its influences on knowledge, behavior and experiences


A person's culture stands as his or her identity, and can influence the way they behave and conduct themselves, with others. Culture defines who we are, what our roots are and what the remarkable heritage that stands behind us is. The cultures are often shaped by the knowledge, past experiences and the behaviors of its practitioners. They seek to influence the culture, both in the positive light and the negative one, taking it to directions that are new, and thus undefined at the present. In this instance,


An important part of the Nigerian culture is the love that we as a people have for soccer. Soccer is a national sport, but more than that, it is a way of living for us. The discipline, commitment and strength that are required to play this game, are perhaps the national qualities that describe us as a nation. Whenever there is an important match where our side is playing against a rival side or another club, we band together and forget out cast, religious and ethnic differences, and form a single united body to support our team.

According to the fifa rankings, our national foot ball team is ranked 2nd in list of football nations of Africa, and globally it is ranked as 21st highest in the world. This attitude helps us to forge a community spirit and unite behind a common cause when the moment arises. The behavior that we learn during our games shows us that in order to succeed, it is imperative to form a team culture, and take into account everyone's input.

Another part of the culture of Nigeria is the ethnic and religious diversity that is spread in our country. Our country is inhabited by Muslims, Christians and other religious communities, who have different religious practices and forms of worship. Together, they make up the social fabric of our society. Our differences might be there, but as fellow Nigerians, I recognize the diversity and work with them, even if their faith is different form mine. This helps me to deal with diversity, when I am at the university and other places, because in this increasing era of globalization, we have to work with a variety of people.

My experiences with the people of different faiths make me more tolerant and increase my knowledge about theses faiths. In the future when ...
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